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Ten Reasons Why Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Split

by | 16th, March 2010

KATE Winslet and Sam Mendes split and the world reacts with a massive lack of interest. Mendes won’t see Winslet naked until she’s in another film. Winslet won’t see Mendes until he’s directing her in one.  Still, it’s a slow news day and the media needs to create a sensation. Here’s the round-up of no-news news and all the reasons so for the split:

Daily Mirror: “Secrets of Winsley marriage split”.

It’s front-page news. But what are these “secrets” revealed within the paper?

Well, the Mirror says the marriage has been “going downhill for the past two years”.

Yep – divorcing stars were not getting on that well. They also had a “series of rows”.

The Sun comfirms the rows:

A source says that the couple had been “arguing a lot”.

Kate Winslet in pictures: NSFW

Daily Beast: “Why Winslet and Mendes Split”

Being directed by your husband in love scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio would put an awkward crimp in any marriage.

Did you pick up thet whiff of ther pervy home movie? The film was Revolutionary Road – available through all good adult contact magazines.

Daily Mail: “So why can’t Kate Winslet make her marriages work?”

So, it was all her fauilt? Alison Boshoff seems to be blaming Winslet for the split.

She is ‘fierce’ in an argument and is a woman of stubborn loyalties and intense passions – you are either within her inner circle or she never wishes to speak to you again. ‘There’s nothing that Kate loves more than a roll-up cigarette and a good row,’ says one who has known her since she was a teenager.


I was told last year that Sam was unamused by her habit of flirting with her leading men.

Hollyscoop: “What Led to Kate Winslet and Her Husband’s Split?”

Well, so far it’s: rows, flirting, rolled-up fags, arguing and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This site knows more:

Music Room: “Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Got ‘Overwhelmed’”

A source quotes in the Mirror says:

“Working and living together was incredibly intense and it basically overwhelmed their relationship.”

Kate Winslet in pictures: NSFW

ABC wants to know more:

“Did Work Drive Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes Apart?”

Yes. No. Come on. What’s it to be? Well, back in the Mail, life mirrors art:

Pictures of her on a boat with the children emerged as it transpired the pair’s relationship hit the rocks after they made a film together about a couple who break up.

New York Daily News:

The tipping point was when Mendes directed Winslet in “Revolutionary Road”. That movie “put a lot of stress on their marriage,” the friend said. “Kate came to regret making the movie with Sam. “They’ve been pretty much living separate lives since the end of the summer,” the friend said. “They realized some time ago that they were not a good fit. They were more like brother and sister.”

So, to recap on those reasons: Rows, arguing, life mirroring art, flirting, rolled-up fags,  Leonardo DiCaprio, a moody films with a horrible abortion, intensity, living together and incest.

Or as their lawyer says:

“The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the joint parenting of their children.”

Which is, well, dull. So dull is it that Sam and Kate should make a film about it…

Kate Winslet in pictures: NSFW

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