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Jon Venables Back On Streets With New Identity

by | 17th, March 2010

A DEFIANT(allegedly) Jon Venables, 27, joint murderer of two-year-old James Bulger is boasting he will soon be freed from prison and back on the streets under his false identity.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Today’s Daily Mirror , repeats its claim Venables, recalled from life-licence because of alleged offences, has been moved a new prison but says:

The “arrogant” killer of James Bulger is refusing to keep a low profile back in jail – and keeps telling warders he will be “free soon”.

This would be the super-max jail where Venables is being kept in isolation, guarded by 20-strong crack team of secret squirrels?

The Mirror has more news from inside:

* Is acting as if he is untouchable and revelling in his notoriety for murdering the two-year-old.

* He has rejected treatment with a sex offenders’ programme, despite allegedly possessing child porn – sneering that he will not be inside long enough to complete it.

* And he is defying threats by inmates who rumbled the secret new identity he was given on his release. He is getting preferential treatment to foil revenge attacks and brags: “I can take all the abuse.”

The Mirror then thunders:

“The child killer, who said he gave up cocaine at Christmas, still allegedly insists on associating with drug dealers and users on his wing.

“Yet he refuses to co-operate with jail bosses’ repeated requests for voluntary drug-testing and educational courses. He told one officer: “I don’t want any courses that take long as I’ll be out sooner rather than later.”


Which is very fast work settling in for the man with no name who Daily Mirror reporters told us a mere three days ago was moved to a more secure high security prison.

Very fast work indeed since the Daily Mirror sticks to its story with:

“Venables is now walking around his new prison as if he owns the place.”

One source says:

“He has an inflated sense of his own importance. He thinks he’s better than other lags and ignores all advice to keep his head down.”

So not one but two sources inside the new High Security (possibly supermax jail…or not).

Whatever happened to the Official Secrets Act, the document signed by all prison wardens, perhaps twice by Venables’ private guard?

The Mirror story has the feel of a newspaper bidding to hold up an earlier story, the one re the alleged move, yesterday’s Sun had rubbished the claim.

If true, there has been a remarkable effort by the new prison.

A rapid assessment and the offer of so many excellent therapeutic courses to Venables in a few short hours.

Heart-warming isn’t it? – AGW

James Bulger Case in pictures

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