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The Natalie Cassidy Interview: Pregnancy, EastEnders And Adam Cottrell

by | 17th, March 2010

EX-EastEnders’s actress Natalie Cassidy would like you to know that she is pregnant. It’s an OK! “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”.

We know Natalie is preggers because on the magazine’s cover she is cradling her tum-tums. This is either: a) evidence of an appendicitis; b) celebrity dieter Natalie trying to hide her weight; c) the actress pointing us towards her growing baby?

Behind Natalie stands Adam Cottrell, billed as “handsome” and “hunky”. Adam’s hands are also on Natalie’s tummy. A quick pull and Natalie’s last meal will pop up and her airwaves will be cleared. But this is no emergency procedure. This is a sign that “we” are pregnant.

Natalie says that we may be shocked at the news because “we haven’t really gone public with our relationship”.

Oh no?

So who was who told us in September 2009:

* He said to me the other day that if it wasn’t so stupid because we’ve only been together 10 weeks, he’d ask me to marry him right now,’ says the former EastEnders star, 26. ‘And do you know what? I’d say yes!’

As Natalie told New! magazine back in November 2009:

New: Does Adam want children?
Natalie: “I don’t really talk about babies a lot. We only met a few months ago – he’d be running a mile if I did, wouldn’t he?”

Says Natalie:

“I came off my contraception in November.”

This OK! interview gets better.

Natalie: “I hope people realise that I really do have better priorities than caring what they says about what I’m eating or wearing…”

OK!: Have you had any cravings yet?
NC: “I can’t get enough of chicken, mayonnaise and sweetcorn sandwiches…”

Natalie, we learn, wears clothes by Top Shop and Miss Selfridge…


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Ricky Groves and Natalie Cassidy during a photocall for an Are You Are Being Served themed photocall at Selfridges - which is selling designer clothing, shoes and bags belonging to the late Wendy Richard. Proceeds are going to the Lady Taveners charity.

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