Anorak News | The Muslim Police Association Acts As Recruitment Consultant For A Biased Force

The Muslim Police Association Acts As Recruitment Consultant For A Biased Force

by | 17th, March 2010

THE Muslim Police Association was handing out badges. One key fob says: “Working Together. Building bridges.” And you thought all the police did was nick people who broke the law.

It turns out they do community work, too.

This implies that just as not all coppers are the same, not all citizens are the same in the coppers’ eyes. Is that fair?

The Herald reports:

The controversial Muslim Police Association (MPA) will work in prisons and communities to try to deter young Muslims from becoming involved in crime and increase new recruits to forces.

So being a Muslim copper is not about catching criminals and being just like the rest of the Old Bill. Being a Muslim copper is about looking like a Muslim copper.

Sergeant Amar Shakoor, chair of the MPA. Says:

“We are a faith-based group but one of our major aims is to promote policing as a career in the Muslim community. We are working to build community cohesion. We are providing advice and helping facilitate meetings between community leaders, young people and the police in relation to issues like stop and search.”

It used to be that the uniform marked you out as a copper. Now it’s your ethnicity…

Norrie Flowers, chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, said: “We totally abhor racist behaviour. Equality and fairness have to prevail. If any police officer had experienced anything else in their service we would willingly fight their cause.”

How can it be equal if there are groups that exclude non-Muslims?


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Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MSP (left) with Special Constable Farooq Afzal, Constable Hamaad Khalid and Constable Farooq Ishaque at the Scottish Police College, near Kincardine.

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