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Tabloids Use Steve Rowley’s Leg To Beat Chelsea’s John Terry: Pictures

by | 18th, March 2010

JOHN Terry runs over Chelsea steward Steve Rowley’s leg. And the papers go wild. As with all football injuries what happened is the stuff of huge debate. Early reports that Rowley’s leg was broken have now been reduced to his suffering a “bad sprain” and “bruising”.

With so many reports, it’s hard to know what the truth. And we are left with the task of sifting through post-match reports. Until all footballers are on Player Cam all of the time we cannot be certain what the truth is.

The Star leads with:


The Mirror delivers:


The B-test is breath test, something the Star says is “routine”. Terry had no idea he had hit let alone injured the man. But are the tabloids suggesting something else?

In the Mail, a photo of loyal Terry in his car with Toni, the wife, is captioned:

“Moment of impact: Toni covers her face in shock”

A little later, the Mail says:

Terry, 29, was unaware of the incident at the time and drove home without stopping, but he was later contacted by police.

Why was Toni “in shock”? Is the Mail suggesting something she was shocked by the accident and injury?

We are not told.

Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

A source in the Star says:

“You could see her [Toni] hold her hand up to her mouth in shock. But Terry drove off blindly.”

As we’ve already noted this is a Range Rover. Alicia Duvall claims she shagged Terry in a Range Rover while Toni was pregnant with his children:

Alicia Douvall (NSFW)

“He would call me from a blocked number and say, ‘Meet me at the end of Sloane Street (in Chelsea)’. He’d drive up in his black Range Rover, then we would drive to Battersea Park or somewhere quiet and do it on the cream leather seats. He was like a kid in a candy store – he would just want to have sex. His trousers would only be halfway down his knees and his shoes would still be on.”

Was Toni shocked when she sat on a moist spot on the leather?

Anyhow, in the Mirror, Terry is a “SORE BRUISER”.Terry’s Chelsea had earlier been defeated by Inter Milan in the Champions’ League. The Star says Terry had been a “foul mood“. Is this relevant to the accident?

A fan explains:

“John was driving carefully and slowly. Things were a bit chaotic and the next thing a man started screaming.”

Is it Wayne Bridge screaming, “You shagged my kid’s mum, allegedly”? No:

“It was obviously a shout of pain and immediately everyone shouted ‘Stop the car!’ John heard that and stopped. Toni put her hand over her mouth in horror and John looked down at the guy on the floor.”

This leads to a piece called:

“His sordid catalogue of shame.”

The Mirror never did get the scoop of Terry’s alleged affair with Vanessa Perroncel nor any exclusives with the player, two things enjoyed by it rival, the Sun. And is accidentally hitting a man in your car sordid? No. It’s an accident. And becsue Mr Rowley works for Chelsea, things can be dealt with later.

Terry maintains she did not know the man was injured. And the Sun says Terry was made aware of the incident “when club officials rang him after being contacted by police”. A source tells us:

“John and Toni had no idea Steve Rowley had been run over.”

Careful words. Do they know who Steve Rowley is?

“Toni put her hand over her mouth because she was worried about people scuffing the car.”

Terry was driving at “1-2 mph”.

Phil Hall, Terry’s spokesman, tells us:

*“John was travelling at about 2-3mph, edging towards exit of the car park, when he was surrounded by a pack of photographers who were jostling the car. He drove off unaware of any incident but he’s been told since and has rung the injured person and spoken to him.”

Sounds fair. And decent of him.

But the telling of this story seems to contain ssomething else: chance to get at John Terry.

Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

Alicia Douvall (NSFW)

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