Anorak News | Did Cinnabun’s TMZ Lunch Save Sandra Bullock And Jesse James: In Pictures

Did Cinnabun’s TMZ Lunch Save Sandra Bullock And Jesse James: In Pictures

by | 18th, March 2010

WALKLING tapestry Michelle McGee is making waves in the Sandra Bullock household by  claiming she sampled the Oscar winner husband’s “Vanilla Gorilla”. Jesse James, for it is he, releases a statement (read it here). And McGee is one of the two most searched tattooed women on the web. (The other one is Jolsyn James.) But it’s nto big news on TMZ.

Michelle McGee in pictures (NSFW)

Anorak’s Man in LA has a theory:

IT’S a dog’s life being TMZ head honcho Harvey Levin.

Rumor Rat claims to know the reason that TMZ is virtually ignoring the story of Mr. Sandra Bullock (Jesse James) and his alleged steamy affair with a body-inked bimbo named “Bombshell” McGee.

A while back, Jesse “bought lunch” for the TMZ staff for posting items about his then-missing dog “Cinnabun,” which eventually led to the pet’s return.

And in the vernacular of Hollywood, when you “buy lunch,” for an organization like TMZ, you’ve just earned yourself a free pass should a scandalous story ever find its way to your front doorstep.

So now, Hapless Harv and his TMZ crew have painted themselves into a corner as far as coverage of Jesse’s extracurricular activities with “Bombshell” McGee… Harvey’s forcing his henchmen to avoid the story as much as possible.

Michelle McGee in pictures (NSFW)

This morning, when they finally did their first post on Bullock & James,it focused on the fact that Cinnabun had gone missing again.

In the body of that story, Levin and his merry band of boys barely mentioned Jesse’s (reported) affair with the over-inked  stripper.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen… a Hollywood lesson on how to win friends and influence people at certain tabloid websites – excluding, obviously, Rumor Rat.

Michelle McGee in pictures (NSFW)

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