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LibDem MPs Caught With Snouts In The Trough

by | 19th, March 2010

IN the interests of fairness and equality the LibDems have also been found guilty of having their noses in the trough.

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, John Lyon, rules that Liberal Democrat MPs Richard Younger-Ross, John Barrett, Sandra Gidley and Paul Holmes are guilty of a “serious misjudgment” in the matter of rent arrangements at the MPs Dolphin Square masnion block.

In brief: the flat owners wanted more rent. Some MPs were invited to agree to pay more rent money or move out in exchange for a cash sweetner. Some agreed. And took the money. This left the taxpayer to foot the higer bill for the MPs to remain ensconsed in their swanky pads.

And to make us all chuckle that bit harder,Nick Clegg pops up to say:

“I am very pleased that Lib Dem MPs acted promptly and correctly in referring themselves and making clear they would comply with the recommendations of the committee.

“In stark contrast, nearly a year later, Labour and Conservative MPs who accepted the offer from the Dolphin Square landlord have neither referred themselves nor been referred by their parties.”

Lucky them…


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File photo dated 8/4/2003 of Richard Younger-Ross who is one of four Liberal Democrat MPs ordered to apologise to the House of Commons and repay money after an inquiry into cash they received from the landlord of taxpayer-funded second homes in Westminster.

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