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Videos: Free The Blackburn Resistance And Other Muslim Comedy Acts

by | 19th, March 2010

THE Blackburn Resistance, aka the Resistance for Blackburn, aka Chuckle Brothers For Peace, Abbas Iqbal, 24, and his brother Ilyas, 23, have been convicted of terrorist offences.

Anorak reader Bat E Bird says she doesn’t know whether to be scared or laugh. The brothers should plead comedy and walk away with a golden future in vaudeville.

Joining them was Muhammad Ali Ahmad, 26, of aptly named Whalley Range.

Says reader Yampster:

“‘e were a reet good terrorist were our dad”

Edward Brown, prosecuting, tells the court:

* “Some of the material may at first seem almost comical in its amateurishness, but when you recall their purpose, they are less funny.”

May seem funny? May?

“The prosecution do not suggest that this group was a highly sophisticated, well trained or well funded terrorist cell. The prosecution does suggest however that these three young men from Blackburn had become intoxicated by the evil of terrorism and had started to train themselves to join or carry out jihad.”

What say they who know them best?

* THE owner of a gun shop who sold weapons to the three Blackburn men accused of terrorism described them as ‘just silly kids’.

Silence in court. No laughing:

* But the judge who jailed Abbas and Ilyas Iqbal for a total of four years and eight months said the prosecution case had been overstated, and told them: ‘I doubt you would have amounted to much’.

And they’re out already:

Abbas, who had served 447 days in custody, is likely to serve another three to four months in jail. Ilyas, who had also spent 447 days in custody, walked free from court. He declined to comment as he left court.

Peter Kay does shorter tours…



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