Anorak News | Kate Winslet ‘Dumped’ Sam Mendes Over Other Man’s ‘Text Messages’

Kate Winslet ‘Dumped’ Sam Mendes Over Other Man’s ‘Text Messages’

by | 20th, March 2010

WANT to know the “REAL REASON” Kate Winslet “DUMPED” Sam Mendes?

So far, the media has reported no less than 19 Reasons. These include:

Rebecca Hall, incest, boredom and rolled-up fags. No proof for any of them – but, still, it’s good journalism to guess and speculate.

Rebecca Hall Introduces More Reasons For Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes’ Split

Now the Daily Mail presents Reason Number 20:

Why Kate Winslet called ‘cut’ on Mr Ego: He shunned her talk of text messages from her dead lover

Alison Boshoff, who earlier told us Kate and Sam had split over her rolled-up ciggies, arguing and flirting.

The tale is told in the style of a bad film, with Mendes cast as the villain and Kate Winslet as the good ‘un. It’s Ghost meets

Kate Winslet in pictures: NSFW

Scene 1: A house in LA

The vampish one-shouldered Balmain dress she wore to the movie premiere that December night has been carefully put away, and her comfortable Los Angeles home is still and silent.

But while her husband Sam Mendes sleeps, Kate Winslet wakes and finds she is having a panic attack.

The dress has fallen from the hanger?

Reasons why Kate and Sam split – 1-10

She feels as if she cannot breathe. There is a terrifying sensation that her chest has been compressed by a brick. She cannot see straight and complains, despite the silent room: ‘It sounds like everyone’s talking in Hebrew.’

Sam, Mendes is a Jew.

Rebecca Hall In Pictures

…Maybe in some corner of her psyche she realised her relationship with Mendes was under what might be a fatal threat.

Yeah, maybe. But before we have a heated debate about Kate’s tight chest, Alison has news:

Reasons why Kate and Sam split -11-14

She cherishes the whispers she sometimes feels she hears from her first boyfriend, actor Stephen Tredre, who died tragically young just as she was tasting fame. She says he speaks to her from beyond the grave when she is feeling down to tell her she is doing fine.

Not a single word on those headline “text messages” from the great beyond. There’s a gaping hole in Boshoff’s plot. But, still, back to those panic attacks:

At the time of her panic attack, at the end of 2008, Kate had never looked more radiantly beautiful.

She’s looking good on them, then…

Rebecca Hall In Pictures

Kate Winslet in pictures: NSFW

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