Anorak News | Tiger Woods’ Women: Rachel Uchitel Sets Lawyers On Jim Beacher, TMZ Reports

Tiger Woods’ Women: Rachel Uchitel Sets Lawyers On Jim Beacher, TMZ Reports

by | 20th, March 2010

TIGER Woods women (alleged) are making the news as porn star Josyln James unburdens her Sim card (NSFW) and now Rachel Uchitel calls in the lawyers.

Uchitel is reported to be upset that Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher has referred to her as a “slut”, a “whore” and a “hooker” on his Facebook page.

The lawyers say the claims are false and defame Uchitel. But surely if Beacher is the writer, then the publisher, in this case Facebook, must be brought to book, too?

And what do we know about Beacher?

* But mostly what made Beacher such an asset to Hard Rock was his flair for publicity (from Page 6 to TMZ to me) that kept the name of the show and casino buzzing. Beacher had feuds with PETA, the city of Boston and Donald Trump. All generated headlines.

Job done.

If you go to the Facebook site, there is not obvious word on Beacher’s alleged defaming of Uchitel. There is not much to see at all.

On TMZ, which did not break the story of Tiger Wood’s alleged extra-marital shags, La Uchitel may care to read the comments as – all allegations that could be investigated:

1. I still say any woman who sleeps with a man she knows is married is a slut.

4. Maybe not a slut, but no class either. Dirtbag is more like it.

7. hey slut you screwed tiger he paid you money..oh sorry me bad you are not a slut. “YOUR A WHORE”.

So, why is Jim Beacher involved in the Tiger Woods scandal? Well, TMZ also reported this:

As we reported back in May, Vegas showman Jeff Beacher accused Criss Angel of cat-napping his favorite feline from the woman who was taking care of it at the time … Jennifer Lee Madden.

Turns out Jennifer would become the lynchpin of the entire Tiger Woods cheating scandal a few months later, when she and Ashley Samson sold Rachel Uchitel’s story to the National Enquirer.

So, why is Beacher, as it seems, being singled out for special treatment..?


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