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Crazy Media Beasts ‘Evil’ Jon Venables

by | 21st, March 2010

THE tabloid beasting of child killer Jon Venables, one of James Bulger’s two killers, continues. Today’s News of the World says the 27-year-old had to be restrained after going “crazy” in his jail cell last Tuesday.

James Bulger Case in pictures

That restraint took four prison officers it is claimed.

The time-line would put the officers’ (alleged) very close and personal hold-down action a full 24 hours before the NoTW’s sister paper The Sun had the recalled from life-licence joint killer of James Bulger being removed from jailed by armed police. In that version he was a ‘monster’.

The next day Evil Jon emerged from the steaming adjectival muck heap of shattered ideals which makes up a tabloid Thesaurus.

James Bulger: Jon Venables Becomes The Prejudiced Media’s Evil Jon

Jon Venables, who has a new new/old identity and remains in a prison (having a ‘meltdown’) possibly somewhere near you.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Venables and John Thompson were in 1993, both at ten-years-old, convicted for the murder of two-year-old James Bulger. Both were released on life licence from children’s secure accommodation at age 18.

Venables has been recalled to prison and his licence revoked for, as yet, unspecified reasons.


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James Bulger Case in pictures

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