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Bournemouth Asda Sells Sex Lubricant As Children’s Bath Aide Fun

by | 21st, March 2010

FROM the Asda store in Bournemouth Castlepoint, Mike Boss receives his home delivery of sexual lubricant for his child’s bath. It’s clean fun!

Can Durex Play Lubricant foam on application? Is it better than the pervy-named Lucky Matey bubble bath Mr Boss had ordered?

Sexy Foods

Matey, rebranded as Wanky in a Young Ones episode, comes in a bottle shaped like a cheery parrot wearing an eye patch. Says Mike:

“We’ve had issues with Asda deliveries before. Last time there were 16 substituted items. But this is taking things to a whole new level – I’ve no idea who could confuse sexual lubricant for children’s bubble bath. When they bring your order they give you a delivery list to check so that you can confirm the substitutes. When I saw what they’d done I was gobsmacked!”

And intrigued?

(Anorak Tower once took delivery of pile of pornographic organs that the newsagent tried to pass off as newspaper called the Daily Sport. After two weeks debating the point, the filth was retuned and subscription cancelled.)

Says Asda:

“We’ve messed up here. The substitution was clearly not appropriate and we apologise to the family for any upset caused. To avoid any further mix-ups we’ve changed the way both items are described on the booking form used by our store pickers.

“As well as this, and as an apology to Mr Boss and his family, we’ll be delivering them a free supply of bubble bath to make sure bath time goes without a hitch from now on.”

Meanwhile, it turns out that Durex Play Lubricant is tough on lime scale and shines up the taps a treat and…

Sexy Foods

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