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Samantha Cameron Pregnant And The Talk Is Of Dave Canvassing An Egg

by | 22nd, March 2010

IF there was one more thing that would smash the nail into Gordon Brown’s political coffin – smash it and smash it and keep smashing it – it would be Samantha Cameron bettering Sarah Brown, the PM’s pleading PR.

And so to today’s news that Samantha Cameron – slim, attractive, well-spoken and mannered – is pregnant. Thank God. Finally we can stop the pretence that this election is going to be close. Would the Labour Party pick on a pregnant women. Well, yes. But it looks bad.

The Guardian’s Michael White whispers about a “conspiracy”, which he then dismisses:

There will be no shortage of conspiracy theorists quick to claim that David and Samantha Cameron decided to have another baby as soon those opinion polls started to dip for the Tories in the new year. Anything to win that election, eh, Dave?

Cameron hasn’t impregnated Samantha, he’s canvassed an egg. But having introduced an appalling idea, White dismisses it:

This is not really how sex works…

Well, not in Westminster where sex is something for the memoirs and only the electorate gets shafted.

Benedict Brogan knows how sex works:

I remember being invited by Labour spinners to compare Mr Blair’s ability to procreate with the fact that William Hague was childless.

But at least he looked like a foetus.

This follows the news that Samantha Cameron has voted for different parties during her lifetime. Yep, she’s just like those floating voters who decide elections.

And she’s just helped to decide this one…

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