Anorak News | Tiger Woods In Pictures: Josyln James At The Golf Course

Tiger Woods In Pictures: Josyln James At The Golf Course

by | 22nd, March 2010

WITH Tiger Woods’ handlers rubbing his tarnished brand like Aladdin at a Jolysn James fan fest, TMZ reaches into the gold bag, scrapes around for a shiny penny and comes up with Steve Williams.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Who he?

Williams is “Tiger Woods’ caddie” and he says “people shouldn’t believe everything that comes out of a porn star’s mouth”.

The jokes write themselves. Williams knows – just knows – that porn stars aren’t really teachers desperate to shag their Priapic pupils. And those breasts… NOT real!

Josyln James claims she met Williams while he was clubbing with Tiger. Says he:

“I know this woman hasn’t met me in a nightclub with Tiger because I’ve never been to a nightclub with Tiger.” Although he might have met her “in passing at a golf course”.

Golfers were right. You start by letting in women to the car park; they make their way into the club house; then comes ladies’ day’ and before you know it you’ve got porn stars molesting the flag at the first cry of “In the hole!”

Meanwhile, the fire hydrant that saw it all has yet to speak…


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