Anorak News | Ian Huntley, Jon Venables, Roy Whiting In ‘Hot Jam’ Murder Plot: In Pictures

Ian Huntley, Jon Venables, Roy Whiting In ‘Hot Jam’ Murder Plot: In Pictures

by | 23rd, March 2010

CHILD killers Ian Huntley, Jon Venables and Ray Whiting are in the news. Whiting killed Sarah Payne. Huntley killed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. Venables killed James Bulger. And  here’s a link…

Yesterday the Star told readers that “lags have vowed to gouge out the eyes” of Whiting.

In pictures: The Soham Case & Investigation

A search of Whiting’s cell turned up newspaper cuttings about Sarah and “other young girls”. A prison source offers:

“They reckon is someone gouges out his eyeballs, he won’t be able to look at any more pictures.”

They can’t be certain. But they reckon…

This echoes the news that prisoners had placed a bounty on the head of Shannon Matthews’ mum, Karen Matthews. The Sun told us:

The reward for beating up Meehan is, reportedly, ten ounces of “prison baccy – worth about £8.”

James Bulger Case in pictures

The Star trumped that:

SHANNON Matthews’ mum was banged up on a prison’s isolation wing last night after lags put a bounty on her head – of 10 cigarettes. The promise of the Lambert & Butler fags was enough to have most of the 442 queuing to attack Karen Matthews.

And Venables was also being lined up for an attack, or two.

And Steven Barker, the killer of Baby Peter Connelley:

* But he remains a marked man after other lags offered a £10,000 bounty to any convict who managed to blind him – offering £5,000 for each eye.

And so to today news on the Star’s front page:

“Huntley lags are all armed.”

Feeling better that Frankland Prison is “packed with a deadly arsenal of weapons”.

Although not that deadly because Huntley survived being slashed with razor blades stuck in the end of a melted toothbrush.

The source tells us that prisoners have “access to razors, knives and glass… Inmates are allowed glass jars of coffee and jam which can become lethal weapons when smashed.”

And have you ever had red-hot jam smeared in your eye with a spoon? Have you hair coffee granules stuffed inside your foreskin and then boiling jam poured on top? Not our fantasies, nor those of Fleet Street’s finest, but facts that might happen to killers in jail. Are you having fun yet with this news thread?

James Bulger Case in pictures

The man who slashed Huntley is revealed on the Mirror’s cover as “crazed knifeman” Damien Fowkes.

He’s serving life for “robbing a family at knifepoint”.

And thanks to his actions, Huntley “could be in line for a £20,000 payout”. Or, er, he could not be.

And so it goes. The tabloid media are using the death of children and their killers to trigger emotions in readers. The crimes committed by these man are not hideous enough for readers, it seems. Look, Huntley may now get your money. Look, Jon Venables has child porn, maybe.

Do we want the criminals killed in jail by other criminals? Do we no longer trust the legal system do administer justice? The tabloids seem to be saying yes…

In pictures: The Soham Case & Investigation

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