Anorak News | Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin’s First Class As Dovolani Takes Coach, Allegedly

Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin’s First Class As Dovolani Takes Coach, Allegedly

by | 25th, March 2010

WHEN Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani take to the floor of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, he’s the one in charge,writes Rumor Rat.

But when the two of them fly back to her home turf in Pennsylvania, Kate takes the lead, sitting comfortably in the first class cabin, along with her bodyguard Steven Nield, while Tony has to fold up his dancer’s legs in the cramped quarters of a coach seat, a member of The Rat Pack has learned exclusively, and allegedly.

UPDATE: Mark Measures Mr. Dovolani’s agent writes:

I am Tony Dovolani’s agent. Your story is false and your source is bogus. Tony and Kate both travel first class.
Mark Measures

Rumor Rat reports that to rehearse with Kate, Tony has to make weekly trips to and from the Keystone State where ABC paid to build a dance studio in Kate’s basement.

And the inequities don’t stop there.

Rumor Rat’s source claims that Kate’s, allegedly, unprecedented first-class DWTS deal also includes upscale accommodations for her and her hottie bodyguard at a high-dollar hotel when they’re in L.A.

So, when Kate and Steve come to the coast to do the show, they stay at the swanky Beverly Wilshire Hotel, just off Rodeo Drive in the poshest part of the Beverly Hills shopping district. Her Executive Suite costs the network $400 a night.  His Deluxe Room sets back the Mickey Mouse network budget another $275. Allegedly.

Meanwhile, when Tony’s back in Pennsylvania teaching the gawky Ms. Gosselin her dance steps, he’s stuck at something closer to a Motel 6, than the Beverly Wilshire.  Cost:  $129/night. Allegedly.

The network also picks up the tab for Gosselin childcare while mama’s hoofing it to and from Los Angeles.

By the way, The Rat’s source tells The Big Cheese that Kate gets the same paycheck for her appearances on the show as the other “stars.”

If there is an upside in this for all the Kate-haters out there, it is that based on Monday night’s performance, the Pennsylvania Octo-mom won’t make it past the first couple of elimination rounds.


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