Anorak News | ‘Bitter’ Wayne Bridge Meets Vanessa Perroncel In Court

‘Bitter’ Wayne Bridge Meets Vanessa Perroncel In Court

by | 25th, March 2010

THE Sun has news on Vanessa Perroncel and Wayne Bridge’s money. They who were  were two thrusts of the hottest shagging story around – until the story of John Terry’s extra-martial doings got spiked and money, allegedly, changed hands.

News International titles billed John Terry as a man of honour:

Another thing I liked about Terry – and this will sound strange – was his candour.

This is JT:

Who dallied with wife Toni in the Dubai sand and cement and “looked like love-struck kids” in the Sun.

Who told the Sun that he wanted to win the Champions League for Chelsea and the World Cup for England – “I am not ashamed to say it”.

Who, the Sun said, offered his hand to Wayne Bridge when they met on the field of battle and looked the man he never wronged in the eyes (he didn’t – pictures here).

Lauren Pope (NSFW)

Who the Sun told us is not afraid of nuffink:

Terry “insisted he was not afraid to risk a snub from his former best mate – vowing: ‘I will offer my hand and he prepared to shake his’.”

Bridge is the Sun’s loser – and enjoy the ironic use of “screwed”:

“You’ve screwed up Wayne.”

This isBITTER soccer star Wayne Bridge”.

He is to face Vanessa Perroncel in court. News in the Sun is that Perroncel says Manchester City’s Bridge has offered her “just £3,000 a month” to bring up their son Jaydon, three.

But Wayne, 29, is convinced the French beauty was paid up to £800,000 in hush money by his former Chelsea and England teammate John Terry after their affair was exposed.
Well, he might have. The Daily Mirror agreed at £800,000.

The Mail settled on £750,000.

Shameless Terry paid mistress Vanessa Perroncel £750,000 hush money then instructed advisors to approach a string of other girls he fears could wreck his career.

And then there was the apparent fortune Perroncel was being offered to pose for Playboy.

John Terry: Wayne Bridge’s Lover Vanessa Perroncel In Pictures (NSFW)

But then the Sun does state:

Lingerie model Vanessa – who aborted Terry’s baby during the affair which robbed him of the England captaincy – is alleged to have been paid between £650,000 and £800,000 to buy her silence.

This would be abortion that was only alleged?

No word from Perroncel. But she has secured the services of Max Clifford – aka MC, Master of Celebrities (TM):

Last night Vanessa’s spokesman Max Clifford insisted she had not received money from married dad-of-two Terry, 29. He said: “Those claims were 100 per cent false.”

She cliamed the sex  – Alicia Douvall (NSFW)

Then Max stops talking and we hear from a “friend”:

“Vanessa is not daunted by the prospect of facing Wayne in court. She will walk into court with her head held high and fight for a fair settlement. Wayne might not care about their son – he scarcely ever calls him – but Vanessa does and will tell the court how mean he has been. She won’t pull any punches.”

“Bitter” and “mean” Wayne Bride. Tsk! At least England has man of candour JT in the ranks.

Sources close to “Team Bridge” say he has offered her £10,000-a-month and a luxury home – but she is demanding double that and an exclusive London property.

John Terry’s Sex With Big Brother Star Oralith: NSFW

Just £10k a month and a luxury home, allegedly. For shame! Says MC:

“She’d like to get back with Wayne. They’d split when she was seeing Terry and Wayne had a new girl. There’s two sides to it.”

Vanessa Perroncel in pictures

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