Anorak News | Jesse James’s Vanilla Gorilla Meets Deann McClung, Allegedly

Jesse James’s Vanilla Gorilla Meets Deann McClung, Allegedly

by | 25th, March 2010

AFTER Michelle McGee, aka The Bayeux Bombshelter, Melissa Smith (yeah, Mel Smith), and Posh totty Brigitte Daguerra, Sandra Bullock’s husband Jessie James is said to have shared his Vanilla Gorilla with Deann McClung.

Yep, Deanne McClung. McClung. Few could have dreamt Tiger Wood’s alleged conquest Jamiee Grubbs would be bettered. Mr Proper Wang and Mr Phani Tikkala were aghast. And then we got to meet Deanne McClung.

She tells Radar Online that James is “an evil, brutal, terrible person”. She says she knows this because when she worked for Jesse James at West Coast Choppers in Long Beach, California “he forced her to have sex with him”. She sued him for sexual harassment in 2000. In 2001, the cases was settled out of court.

No details of any deal are made known.

James said she was embezzling and McClung “filed a retaliatory lawsuit which contained disturbing but completely false, accusations. The allegations in Ms. McClung’s 2000 lawsuit were utterly baseless then and are equally without merit now. Beyond that, her claims are not worthy of further comment.”

As for Sandra Bullock. Well, allegation that he shagged Mel Smith suggest a man easily seduced by a famous face, or one that looks like a beer mat…


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