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The Web-Savy Daily Mail Wants No ‘Nothing Too Young’ For The Weekend

by | 26th, March 2010

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 4.19.56  PMTHE Daily Mail‘s traditional focus falls fairly wide of the yoof demographic. And over at, we’ve had a few digs at the Mail’s tendency towards Ludditehood, and its hysterical scepticism of anything to do with the web.

However, we’ve also seen parts of the Mail – particularly the website – not only cater for much younger tastes, but also demonstrate an impressively web-savvy approach. (A quick look at today’s homepage shows a host of names unlikely to excite the grandparents: Mel B, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke and so on.)

So it’s interesting to see the print parts of the paper go further in the opposite direction.

A Response Source enquiry this week stated:

You may have noticed that Weekend has changed in the last four or five months. There’s less of a focus on TV celebs and progammes and more focus on real people with heartwarming tales to tell…

Anything from the two world wars, or the forties, fifites or sixties will be welcomed, which will really appeal to readers who are in their fifties, sixties and beyond. Nothing too young please.

The differing readerships of print and online news might seem obvious. But the gulf between the Mail‘s attitudes towards the web and its actual strategy continues to widen. While its print supplements may hanker for a simpler, gentler time, celebrity names and adundant keywords continue to click harvest on the web.

And while the evil internet will still receive a beating, its dark arts will undoubtedly prevail.

Nadia Knows

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