Anorak News | Tiger Woods: After Devon James Meet The County’s Adulterers

Tiger Woods: After Devon James Meet The County’s Adulterers

by | 26th, March 2010

HAVING met Devon James, the latest porn star to be connected with Tiger Woods we know learn that Devon is Britain’s ”most unfaithful county’‘. Devon James is a victim of nominative determinism. Pass the clotted cream…

The press release from Onepoll says around 44% of married Devonians are ”playing away”. Given the regions remoteness and hatred for neighbouring Cornwall, the chances are that many of the 44% are shagging each other.

The survey was commissioned by a site called, an extra-marital dating site, whose own research suggests that it’s not needed.

Anyhow, here are the Top 10 Adulterous Counties. (Figures are a combination of those who cheated on a lover before marriage and during.)

1) Devon (47%)
2) Avon (Bristol, south Gloucestershire, Bath and north-east Somerset) (19%)
3) Lincolnshire (12.5%)
4) Hampshire (10.5%)
5) Derbyshire (10%)
6) Cheshire (9%)
7) South Yorkshire (9%)
8) Kent (7.5%)
9) Essex (7%)
10) Hertfordshire (7%)

Look out for woods being linked to porn stars Chavon Taylor, Lucy Kent Candy Essexx and someone who should be called Chest-hire…


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