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In Pictures: Save BBC Six Music For The Nation Like All Museum Pieces

by | 27th, March 2010

DO you want to save BBC Radio 6 Music? And you have to save it for the nation because the BBC is a national broadcaster – and BBC 6 Music is a museum piece.

The BBC is looking to cut costs. So it’s not going to cut EastEnders back to two nights a week and replace it with the kind of innovative drama that should be on the pisspoor BBC Three. It’s going to cut digital radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network.

Some people like Six Music. But if Six Music is so beloved why couldn’t it be an internet only station and charge subscribers a fee to listen? Why must it be saved as it is?

And it might be saved. All BBC has done is chuck a bunch of half-cocked ideas in the air and see which the public fight hardest to keep. It can then film the things for an earnest BBC4 documentary about the inner working of running a biased and bloated organisation that stymies competition and creativity, is staffed by civil servants who fit the mould of a BBC-type (worthy, smug and very much part of the system) and whose newsreaders present a narrow range of events and views like they’re talking to a class of fingers on lips 6-year-olds.


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Fans of the BBC 6 Music radio station protest against its possible closure during the Save 6 Music protest outside BBC Broadcasting House, London.

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