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Gordon Brown’s Famous Five Again and Again

by | 28th, March 2010

THE media is full of Gordon Brown’s five key pledges. Five is Gordon’s magic number. You might recall his five economic tests for the country joining the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU). And there’s his plan to win five more years in power. Five is a number big enough to sound thoughtful but not too big that it looks showy.

The five pledges are that Labour will:

1. Have an ethical foreign policy (1997)
2. Reform the voting system (1997)
3. No return to boom and bust (2001)
4. Your country’s borders protected (2005)
5. “We have made it our guiding rule not to promise what we cannot deliver; and to deliver what we promise” (1997)

That point number five is the guiding principle, creating an idea so vague that you can’t tell what the promise is let alone if it’s been met. The current five are:

1. Secure the economic recovery

2) Increase family living standards

3) Construct a hi-tech economy

4) Protect front-line services

5) Strengthen fairness in communities.

Note: Sub-sections and caveats are available on application and run to a few thousand pages that should take five years to read and work out…

Image: BBC is not biased.

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