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Princess Diana Returns To Be Murdered With Shocking New Evidence, In A Book

by | 29th, March 2010

PRINCESS Diana is back. No, she’s not yet ready to leave the fabled Six Floor of Harvey Nichols were she’s been living for some years in her own Nirvana. Princess Diana is back on the front page of the Daily Express. And the news is that she was murdered. You can argue with the inquests and the evident, but you cannot argue with a Daily Express headline:

“DIANA was murdered in plot to destroy her love for Dodi”

If any Express reader needs proof – and many won’t – they can turn to page 5 and learn:

“How plot to stop Diana and Dodi’s love affair ended in tragic murder”

So. How? Well, Michael Mansfield who “believes the deaths in the Alma Tunnel in 1997 were the result of a carefully orchestrated plan by unnamed parties to end the relationship”.

It was Mansfield who took on the might of the palace, police and assassins at the Diana inquest. It wasn’t a speeding, drunk driver who killed Diana, said the top QC representing Dodi’s grieving father Mohammed al Fayed for a reassuringly big fee. It wasn’t Diana’s decision not to wear a seatbelt. It was a plot to scare the celebrity princess in a tunnel in the middle of Paris. And it was murder.

Anyhow, Mansfield, who was party to the evidence and the witnesses, says he “believes” Diana was murdered. And you can read about his beliefs in his book: Memoirs Of A Radical Lawyer

You might have read the extracts in other newspapers over the past few months. But, still, with now news on Madeleine McCann and no news on immigrants, the Express presses F9 and returns to an old favourite.

And in Knightsbridge a woman tilts her head and smiles…

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