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Meow Meow: How To Buy The ‘Killer’ Drug In Bulk And Crank Up The Fear

by | 29th, March 2010

MORE on Meow Meow (aka mephedrone), the “killer” drug that has not been proven to have led to any deaths, although has been “linked” to “several deaths”. So says the Daily Star.

The Sunday Mirror said yesterday that Meow Meow was to be banned today. Only the news was wrong. After the headline, the actual news was:

Lethal drug meow meow will be banned by MPs in record time after an emergency meeting tomorrow.

It’s a political issue, not only because a Labour MP’s son is selling the stuff legally, as the Sun claims, but because the politicos are using Meow Meow to look tough in the run up to the election. Says Gordon Brown:

“They have been misled into believing they were taking a drug which did not have lethal qualities.”

Says the Sun:

“Tories plan Meow Meow ban.”

To make the story even more pressing, the Star tells us:


We know this because copper has heard someone say that 11-years-old might be taking the revolting stuff:

And Detective Sergeant Mike Brown, from the drugs unit, said: “The intelligence we’re getting is that children as young as 11 are trying it in school. Young pupils are easily influenced by older children, who think that it is safe because it is not banned. A ban would make the problem a lot easier to deal with.”

Just like a ban has made it easier to deal with cannabis and alcohol, eh, Sarge? So, toay the ban gets rolling. Or not:

‘Meow meow’ review may be hampered after drug adviser quits in scientific objectivity row Dr Polly Taylor is the sixth expert to resign from the committee since the controversial sacking of the chairman, Professor David Nutt, last October

But if Meow Meow is banned, what will the kids get up and down with next? Sky News tells us of methylone, MDPV and other drugs.

So, how do you get your hands on them?

Posing as a potential customer, Sky contacted a Shanghai-based company named Blinkchem. A Miss Chen answered the phone and said that the company makes both mephedrone and methylone “in batches – 100 kilograms, 200 kilograms, 50 kilograms, whatever the customer wants”.

Meanwhile, the so-called smart, streetwise kids are buying the toxic stuff in little packets…

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