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Baseball Mistress: The Mindy McCready Sex Tape And Pete Doherty

by | 30th, March 2010

READY for the Mindy McCready porn tape. Are you McC-rReady for porn, readers? In 1996, McCready had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with Guys Do It All the Time. But since then she’s been a singer better knows for her arrests and mug shots. Mindy McCready is America’s Peter Doherty.

This sex tape is said to feature a tape stolen from the country singer’s Nashville home and features her and someone called – get this – “Peter”.

The video comes out less than a week after the release of I’m Still Here, her first album in eight years, and just after her stint on TV’s Celebrity Rehab. It’s a cruel coincidence. As McCredy says:

This is the last thing on the planet I need right now,” she said.

The film is to be released by Vivid Video under the title Baseball Mistress and will feature Mindy and Pete, and Mindy talking about her alleged affair with New York Yankee Roger Clemens.

And this is that Mindy McCready whose names was evoked in the Eric Dane, Becky Gayheart and Kari Ann Penish non-sex sex tape.

Kari Ann says the video was stored on the hard drive of her computer, but stolen by Mindy McCready, who was her roommate after the two completed a stint on the TV show “Celebrity Rehab.”

Kati Ann Peniche has yet to release a single nor meet Pete Doherty. Although listen out for a song stolen from a hard drive being leaked soon, maybe…

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