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Meow Meow: Mephedrone Is This Week’s Scare Story

by | 30th, March 2010

MEOW Meow, aka mephedrone, is in the news. The Sun talks of a “TWO-WEEK RACE TO BAN MEOW”. The Sun says that in two weeks there is to be an election, maybe, and after that Parliament breaks up.

So. It’s a race against time. Maybe the election should be delayed?

The paper says the drug must be banned “after 26 deaths”. We hear of a girl of 14 “lucky to be alive”. She took meow and collapsed. We’re not told if the girl had any pre-existing medical conditions, had been drinking or taking other drugs, only that she collapsed in a Tesco car park. And the police say she is “lucky to be alive”. Although, she made a full recovery.

It is left to the Swindon Advertiser to complete the picture:

She had taken a cocktail of alcohol and the drug.

No proof yet exists that toxic meow meow specifically resulted in death. In place of facts we do hear from bereft parents who have lost their children. They, understandably, want the drug banned. They want their child’s death to count for something. It’s emotive stuff.

And Closer magazine joins the narrative and tells its readers:

“As the legal drug mephedrone claims yet another life… Last week Lois Waters became the sixth person to die after taking mephedrone – the dangerous drug sweeping the country.”

Six? Not 26, then? The Mail says the drug has been “linked” to 25 deaths. On March 24th, the Sun reported on Lois Waters:

The deaths of at least five other Brits – aged 16 to 49 – have been linked to mephedrone since last September.

But not to worry because the Star says:

“Meow-Meow in banned”.

Only it isn’t. It might be made a Class B Drug. No, not Class A. The “Killer” drug is not that dangerous, maybe.

In the meantime look out for lots of hacks buying meow meow to get a story.

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