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The Incredible Non-Starting Starting Autin 12/4

by | 30th, March 2010

IN the Don’t Make Them Like They Used To story of the week, the Daily Mail brings news of the Austin 12/4, not driven since 1961.

Says the Mail:

Rare Austin which stood in garage for 50 years discovered… and starts first time!

Roger Bulled goes to the garage to see the family car:

But in an incredible tribute to 1920s British engineering the Austin’s engine turned over despite the car being off the road since 1961.

Incredible. Vrooom! And it started first time! Says Mr Bulled:

“And the engine turned over when we tried it with the starter handle, but I didn’t try to start her up in case I did any damage but I’m sure it would go.”

So, the car didn’t start first time, then. They don’t make news like they used to, readers…

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