Anorak News | In Pictures: Joanna Lumley’s Ayo Gurkhali Hammers The Nail Into The Labour Coffin

In Pictures: Joanna Lumley’s Ayo Gurkhali Hammers The Nail Into The Labour Coffin

by | 31st, March 2010

THE government is of course very foolish to upset Joanna – “Ayo Gurkhali!” – Lumley (again) over the Gurkhas. On Monday (or today if you’re reading this on Monday; or yesterday if Tuesday, etc) she will single-handedly hammer the last nail into the Labour coffin. I had hoped Labour would scrape home but I see now all is lost, thanks to Joanna, writes Madame Arcati.

As I write she is, as Lady Penelope once was, an untouchable national treasure, the embodiment of the upper class geist that is about to repossess the Brits for the umpteenth time through the 19th Etonian PM (to-be) aka the half-wit former PR David Cameron.

Foreigners should understand that the Brits like the taste of upper class asshole: it’s part of the ingrained cuisine (pause to spit out hair strands, inter alia, unsweetened by absence of bidet). They adore modulated vowels for it plays to the national Capricornian desire for hereditary privilege and power as expressed in sound and deportment and approved antecedents (cue: spires).

There is however one card left for Labour to play against the Nepalese goddess Joanna. It’s called the AOL card. For years, Joanna’s voice has been used to annoy AOL subscribers with an unwelcome welcoming message and the lie “You’ve got email”. It’s a lie because AOL users are blighted with this message whether they have email or not. Worse, she is the voice of “You’ve got company (bang)”. It is another lie. The subscriber does not have any online company. It is just a noise-message intended to piss one off as the odd unfortunate ejaculates over the keyboard.

Somebody at AOL actually sat down one day and said, ‘Oh, let’s see how we can really piss off our customers. Great! Get Joanna Lumley to tell them over and over again that they have company (bang)’. It was marketing by irritation, as practised by those TV ads, and others. The intention is to batter you into brand-recognition compliance through torture, a sort of extraordinary rendition for the sofa- (or swivel chaired-) bound.

Of course the goddess hadn’t a clue she was just a tongue puppet for these wicked corporate shenanigans. She read the messages off a sheet and collected her substantial cheque. She gave no thought to the possibility that her voice would become one of the most detested sounds on the internet. Like the late Leni Riefenstahl, she is the creative incidental to the cultural foulness. For a goddess, Joanna is peculiarly stupid.

Joanna should be publicly reviled by Labour as a modern-day Lord Haw-Haw, as the expression of something noxious, whether witting or not. She should have foreseen this horror. There is not a day that passes by that I do not wish this ghastly woman some dreadful end for the earache and the headache and the ultimate heartache.

How to turn her offMA


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Gurkha campaigner Joanna Lumley speaks during a press conference at the Atrium restaurant at 4 Millbank in response to recent attacks on her and the Gurkha justice campaign, London.

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