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Heather Mills Court Case Pictures: Jury Calls Arsenal’s Eduadro And Aston Villa

by | 31st, March 2010

THE monstering of amputee Heather Mills continues. The court calls Eduardo, Arsenal and Aston Villa’s “sick” and lame.

We’ve already told you of Michael Deacon, the Telegraph’s TV Features Editor, wondering if when Mills is spray tanned, as her nanny Sara Trumble alleges, that false leg gets a matching varnishing:

…Did the nanny have to spray Mills’s prosthetic leg too?

Deacon says the question is “mildly offensive”. It’s not offensive at all. It’s just an aside to the Mills-McCartney story, which has been relentlessly humourless and spiteful. There has been worse said of the Sun’s “Lady Mucca”. But the Telegraph wants it both ways.

When Arsenal’s Croatian striker has his leg snapped in an outbreak of anti-football, Aston Villa fans sang:

He used to have silky skills
And now he walks like Heather Mills

Decent marks for topicality and spite. But the Telegraph heard it and thundered:

Sick Eduardo chants spark arrests at Emirates

Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, observed that “unfortunately there are no limits to either intelligence or stupidity“.

None of this is to say that Mills is not a big peg waiting to be hammered in by anyone who can be bothered to strike her on the noggin.

Mills tells the employment tribunal she treated Sara Tumble – who claims Mills treated her badly – “as is my history, being overly helpful Heather“.

Adding the open goal:

“I wasn’t demanding and that’s always been my problem.”

This is Mills who scooped a £24.3m in her divorce settlement with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney.

Ms Mills had sought £125m and been offered £15.8m by Sir Paul.

(Image: Heather Mills inspires Wayne Rooney)

Says Mills:

As is my history of being ‘Overly Helpful Heather’, I tried to help her, help her better herself. She was very motivated by money, and this seems to be her motive in bringing this claim.”

Anyone want to tap that one in..? Eduardo?


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