Anorak News | In Pictures: ‘Anti-Semitic’ ‘Neo-Nazi’ Jesse James Proves Sandra Bullock Is German

In Pictures: ‘Anti-Semitic’ ‘Neo-Nazi’ Jesse James Proves Sandra Bullock Is German

by | 1st, April 2010

JESSE James, Sandra Bullock and Michelle McGee: Jesse James is an American success story, the former nightclub bouncer / biker, rising to the ranks of Hollywood royalty when he married half-German Sandra Bullock.

He also runs a great bike business and magazine and is one of the best metal workers / fabricators in the business. And he’s very likeable. (Thanks to our pal Iowahawk for that background.)

But he’s met with Michelle McGee, allegedly, who is climbing her own way to the top.

Michelle McGee (NSFW)

US Weekly, says the Bayeux Bombshelter McGee’s new website (NSFW) had nothing to do with her shag ‘n’ tell:

“To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption,” the statement snipes.

So, she never knew she was going to sell the story? She should take notes – on the back of her neck.

“We were caught off guard, but we will have our full pay-site up in the next couple weeks.”

And for added irony – and note the “WP “tattoo and Nazi fridge:

Her blog says:

We DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion. . . Soon Michelle will be able to clear the air in her first interview since this scandal broke. . . . The official website of Michelle Bombshell is a NO-NAZI ZONE!!!!! We do not support white supremacy or any racist bulls***.

No, an “E” is not misisng. It is a NO NAZI ZONE. But other onanists are welcome. And the Nazi thing is troubleing Kate Harding at Jezebel.

James joins our list of comedy Nazis, but Harding, like Gawker’s Adrian Chen, sees something more in James’ Freddie Starr impression:

If there’s been a bright side for Sandra Bullock during this bizarrely long spell of public interest in her dickwad husband, it’s that her own reputation has mostly been spared. But can it survive the Nazi picture?

With so many genuine Nazis around, the focus on James is absurd. Harding adds:

“…it’s surely possible to miss the signs that your partner is, if not an active neo-Nazi”

So, he’s got a Adolf Hitler surfboard, allegedly, and does a Hitler impression that many Britishers have tried in Berlin or at footy matches against the Germans as they stifle a sneeze with a finger beneath zer nose and point to something over zer with a raised straight arm. And that  makes Jesse Jaames a…

But you know what else one doesn’t want, at least if one is a halfway decent person? A neo-Nazi husband.

Bullock must come out…

“…denouncing James’ apparent anti-Semitism”

And Bullock:

* well, she is of German ancestry…

So, all Germans are Nazis? And James, allegedly, owns Nazi memorabilia, which might see him score a job at Human Rights Watch.

This blog wonders:

Jesse James is a likely closeted racist

And get this:

Even if Bullock finds racism abhorrent, having an intimate relationship with an alleged White supremacist reveals that perhaps the level to which she believes in equality is questionable at best.

You want more? Can you handle any more?

Bullock won an Oscar for dutifully playing an altruistic White woman, saving Blacks from themselves. Melissa Anderson of the Dallas Observer, describes “The Blind Side” as:

“the movie [that] peddles the most insidious kind of racism, one in which whiteys are virtuous saviours, coming to the rescue of blacks who become superfluous in narratives that are supposed to be about them”.

This is not reporting. This is character assassination. This is a desperate media trying to make a big gossip story into a bigger deal and damn people. The one good thing is that Nazi stuff still has the power to shock.


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