Anorak News | In Love Kerry Katona And Peter Andre Climb Katie Price’s Greasy Pole

In Love Kerry Katona And Peter Andre Climb Katie Price’s Greasy Pole

by | 1st, April 2010

PETER Andre and Kerry Katona are together. The Daily Star told us “YES WE LOVE EACH OTHER”. It then told us: “KERRY & PETE’S SECRET LOVE NEST REVEALED”.

The Star’s sister organ, OK!, leads with “PETER AND KERRY”. Readers see sentimental Peter with Princess TenaLadyMe on his shoulders. To his side is Kerry Katona modelling one of her Katonarios as a shoulder throw.

There are:


Katie Price career in pictures (NSFW)

There is also a shared management. And pictures of Kerry hugging some flowers like it’s the world’s last kebab and Pete beaming by her side. Says Pete:

“I have always loved Kerry. If you could see her with children, you would know she has a good heart.”

Kerry has been on reality TV, so we have seen her with children, lots of them.

Says Kerry:

“I love Pete…. He means well, he’s got a good heart…”

Is there an echo in OK! this week? Or is Claire Powell, the pair’s manager, on whisper mode? Very soon, Claire herself steps in and tells us:

“He’s been texting her and we all met up to have something to eat.”


Inside the Star and news that Kerry Katona is “house-hunting for a lovenest so she can be nearer to Pete.”

And to be closer to her agent? Katona is said to be looking to set up home in Sussex. Pete Andre lives in Sussex. Their agent’s offices are in Sussex.

Peter’s former lover Maddy Ford (NSFW)

Also, Can Assosciates used to represent Katie Price, who was in the telly jungle with Andre and Katona and who, reportedly, never approved of Katona’s husband Mark Croft. We learn that a “feud” broke out between Katie and Kerry.

Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures

This is the same Katie Price who gives the Peter Andre and Katona spread a link and who continues to feature on the Can Associates’ web pages on a full-page illustration of product endorsements.

But, still, good to see that Peter has moved on, Kerry Katona is on her own two feet and that Katie Price is old news. As Katona says:

“Pete’s the best thing that ever happened to her. She walked all over him. I’m Team Pete all the way.”

All gamely supported by Team Katie Inc.

Katie Price And Horses (NSFW)

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