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Vote Labservatice For More Of The Same Cameron – Bown Arrogance

by | 2nd, April 2010

TODAY is the day that the feed-in tariff comes into operation, a bribe to the well-off to install massively inefficient micro-electricity generation which is expected to cost the rest of us £8 billion a year through our electricity bills.

The Conservative response to this lunacy is not only to support it, but to extend it, potentially bringing the annual cost to £60 billion a year.

That, and much more marks out the Conservatives as unfit to govern – an attribute they share with the Labour Party. On all crucial issues, from membership of the EU, to defence, energy, climate change, education, the NHS, the choice is between a Tory train wreck and a Labour train wreck.

Despite that, Tory blogger-in-chief, Tim Montgomerie rails against Tory commentators who, like us, loathe and despise the not-the-Conservative Boy Cameron, his only real USP being that, if we do not stand behind The Leader, we will get Gordon Brown for five years.

Cranmer has a few words on that score and Gerald Warner is even more forthright.

The bottom line, though, is that the Tories have nothing substantive to offer other than they are not (by name) Labour, and that Cameron is not Brown. This is not good enough. Further, there is an inherent arrogance in this assumption that the only possible alternative to a Labour government is a Tory government and, therefore, to get rid of one, we must vote for the other, even if it holds none of our values and makes no concessions whatsoever to ours.

The realistic alternative, actually, is a period of instability brought about by a hung parliament, which is possible if electors vote tactically. That would almost certainly mean another general election within a year, with the distinct possibility of getting rid of Cameron on the way. Another year, or slightly less, of a weak Labour government is a small price to pay for that prize.

More to the point is the greater prize – a message sent to the arrogant politicians that we no longer accept their rules, and play the game according to their wishes. It will not make much difference in the very short-term, but it would be a start in the long and painful process of recovering our sovereignty – the sovereignty of the people.

Montgomerie, therefore – good and faithful servant though he may be – can go hang with the rest of them. ABC needs to become ABBCC – anybody but Brown, Cameron and Clegg. A plague on all their houses, and the devil take the hindmost.


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