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God The Blogger Posts Image Of Jesus On Woman’s Bathroom Wall

by | 3rd, April 2010

IN Belen, New Mexico, Danell Griego see the Virgin Mary marble above her bathtub. Forget the gold flecks, this is better: Says she:

“It startled me. It really did it startled me. It’s a gift from God.”

As gifts go a five-inch tall figure of the Virgin Mary looking down at baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket in her arms in your marble is pretty good. But it’s not exaclyt an iPad, is it?

“I kind of got a little bit scared and went running for my husband and kids and I was like, ‘Do you see this?'”

Story continues after gallery of Jesus:


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No. It’s just you. And it is fate:

“I’m a shower person. I hardly take baths. I don’t even know why we put the bathtub in the house.”

Fate. And in the bath:

When I pulled the candle [toward me] to light it, there was the image. First you get a few, ‘Yeah, OK…sure,’ but when they see it, there’s no denying that that’s what the image is.”

No denying it. And then we learn:

Besides the media, she said she has only invited friends and family to look at the image.


“But we’re not saying it’s a miracle from God, that you know, He came down and He posted this, you know. He put it there for a some reason. It’s just there and we believe in God and I’m not afraid to say it.”

God posts. God is a blogger.

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