Anorak News | Sarah Brown Turns Us On In Satin Dress And Sensible Mid-Heels

Sarah Brown Turns Us On In Satin Dress And Sensible Mid-Heels

by | 6th, April 2010

SO at pains is Gordon Brown to say this election is not about personalities, that Sarah Brown is addressing Hello! readers. Says Sarah:

“I’ve been grinning all day and my face is hurting.”

Sarah’s been with South African premier Jacob Zuma’s wife No. (inserts digit here) Thobeka Madiba Zuma. She’s then off to a charity nosh up for the White Ribbon Alliance at the Agua Spa in London’s Sanderson Hotel.

It’s the treatment the campaign against infant mortality demands. All this in a “slate-grey satin dress and sensible mid-heels”. Sarah is a marvel.

And Sarah Brown works in PR. She’s on her biggest challenge yet: to make Gordon Brown appear human, electable and above all else shaggable.

The problem is that Sarah Brown is a PR and if there is one group of people less genuine and trustworthy than career politicians, it’s a PR. Remember Brown’s “My husband, my hero” speech to the Labour faithful?

Today Sarah says that “fashion and politics do mix”.

The problem is that Sarah Brown is not a politician. At least, she’s not a leader anybody elected. But, then, no-one elected her husband to be Prime Minister. He just became a trend that was adopted by the Labour Party when tony left and there was nothing else to wear.

So, maybe she’s a politician after all. In which case, here’s to five more years of skirts, spas, charity and cake all round…


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Election themed potato snacks are given away outside the Houses of Parliament, London, after Prime Minister Gordon Brown, called the General Election on May 6.

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