Anorak News | Media Says Mephedron ‘Killed’ Wesley Sharples As Gordon Brown Ignores Ban

Media Says Mephedron ‘Killed’ Wesley Sharples As Gordon Brown Ignores Ban

by | 7th, April 2010

MEOW MEOW has not been banned. The papers were wrong. The drugs, also know as mephedrone has not been banned because Parliament has broken up for the election that Gordon Brown called.

If your son or daughter dies from meow meow, then you know who to blame. Blame Gordon Brown. You’ll find him on your doorstep looking tough, and later on the back benches in Westminster.

Says Gordon Brown:

“They have been misled into believing they were taking a drug which did not have lethal qualities.”

Misled by whom? Meow meow is legal. Gordon Brown could have helped to make it illegal had he only waited a short while longer to put his premiership to the vote. But Gordon and the wonks say it is legal. So legal it is.

But the drug is deadly, say the media and Gordon, despite there being no firm evidence that it is.

The Scotsman hears of 23-year-old Wesley Sharples who “was found with gunshot wounds at his flat in Bolton, Greater Manchester”.

Says the paper:

Police were unable to confirm reports that he may have taken the dance drug mephedrone, known as Meow Meow, after inviting friends to his home on the day he died.

Such are the facts. So, let us not turn the traffic death of a young man into a scare story.

Or as the Daily Mail screams:

Partygoer, 23, blasts himself in head with a shotgun ‘after taking meow meow drug’

But we don’t know that he took that drug, or any drug.

A police spokesman says:

“We have sent blood samples off to toxicology and until we get that back we cannot guess or speculate what he may or may not have taken. These may take several weeks to come back.”

Still, meow meow is a killer, right?. But not in Reading, Berkshire. Not any more since local firm Meph Direct shut up shop.

It told shoppers:

“We regret to announce that prices have risen nationwide due to the manufacturers hiking up their prices and the product becoming increasingly scarce. Please be cautious of other sellers that have not increased their prices as you will find that they are mixing their product with unscrupulous substances.”

Good news, then! Killer drug cut with worming food and Vim. A source at the firm tells the local paper:

“But the media has killed mephedrone. They’ve got their ban and we’re finished.

Anyhow, back to Mr Wesley Sharples, in the Sun:

Last night a Greater Manchester Police source said: “There have been reports from his friends that he may have taken meow meow.”


One neighbour said: “No one knows why it’s happened. He was nice and very polite.”

Still, if Mr Sharples can be used to help the Sun in its campaign – and it is only campaigns that stop newspapers from being all the same – at least he did not die in vain…

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