Anorak News | Habitual Panties Thief Captured At Rugby Club

Habitual Panties Thief Captured At Rugby Club

by | 9th, April 2010

WOMEN’S panties – knickers, to you – are going missing from washing lines in Dunedin, New Zealand. Nick Reeves spends a night in the bushes of his mum’s garden. (Fnar.) he’ll nab the knicker knapper when he spots them. Says he:

“It was like Murphy’s law – when I wasn’t at the house, more pairs would go missing.”

Anyhow, after a long vigil Reeves spots the man and gives chase. And where is the felon finally captured? That’s right – at the rugby club, the Green Island Rugby Football Club, to be exact.

Knickers go missing. Round up the usual suspects…

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