Anorak News | Shen Neng 1 Attacked By Politicians In Oil Burning Aircraft

Shen Neng 1 Attacked By Politicians In Oil Burning Aircraft

by | 10th, April 2010

CHINESE tanker Shen Neng 1 has  run into trouble on the Great Barrier Reef. The Shen Neng 1 is loaded with packed with 65,000 tons of coal, aka fossils. Also onboard are 950 tons of fuel oil. Only 4 tons of oil has leaked form the ship. Plans to take all the oil off safely and refloat the vessel are looking very good. The experts are doing great things. So, how do the politicos reacts? Why, by burning fuel to take a peek:

A PROCESSION of senior politicians has flown over the stricken Shen Neng 1, with five in five days “examining” the wreck, despite no change to the situation.

You can do a lot of examining of a boat from a plane right up there.

The political tour of the region began on Monday with Greens leader Bob Brown flying over the zone in a fixed-wing aircraft, at a cost charter companies estimate to be about $2500.

[Queensland Premier Anna] Bligh was the latest to soar over the southern Great Barrier Reef early yesterday morning in a helicopter at a cost of $4000 an hour.

Also throughout the week, [Transport Minister Rachel] Nolan took a helicopter, while [Prime Minister Kevin] Rudd and Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett took separate flights in the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Dornier, each estimated by charter companies to cost $2500 an hour.

An expert’s gotta do what an expert’s gotta do…

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