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Susan Boyle Heathrow Airport Rant Is A Repeat Performance: Pictures

by | 10th, April 2010

SUSAN Boyle has been in an “Air Rage” scrape. Susan Boyle has given full throat to a “four-letter rant over a flight delay”. Yep, only four letters. When old Mr Anorak was delayed he game up with six letter word. But this is Susan Boyle whose name has been shortened to four letter – SuBo – because the media can’t be arsed to say the full name and needed a new pet.

The Mirror then solicits sympathy (?) for Susan Bole by saying her rant came at the end of a “nightmare” Far East tour.

The story goes that Susan Boyle has been rowing with her personal assistant Joanne Crawford, who is also her niece”.

What with this being Susan Boyle, the media needs to present her as a kind of half-person, a toddler exposed to too much sugary stuff:

Susan flew off the handle because she didn’t like the way Joanne was speaking to her,” said an insider. “It was a full-on tantrum. She was screaming, shouting and swearing at Joanne, ¬accusing her of treating her like dirt.”

Tantrum? Yeah, like a toddler. And she’s at the airport. It’s always at the airport where Boyle is spotted. Is the airport the only place the tabloids can see Susan Boyle in public and not on stage? See:

‘Emotional’ Susan Boyle ‘Enchanted’ By Man At Nice Airport

The Media Manipulates Images To Make Susan Boyle Look Weak Minded

Susan Boyle In Airport Rampage

As for this latest news:

“It all kicked off again in public at the baggage carousel at Heathrow ¬Terminal Three,” said our source. “Susan was absolutely raging. It’s a 13-hour flight from Tokyo and she was yelling at Joanne that she just wanted to f****** get home. Then she started calling Joanne a ****.

Thought it was only a four-letters rant? We count six and four. The Mirror are such c**** at counting.  That’s 10.

There then follows a potted history of Susan Boyle rages, which when compared to the typical pop star’s hissy fits and law breaking show her to be pop’s resident Bishop (and not a paedo one, neither).

But, of course, the tabloid narrative dictates that Susan Boyle is about to explode and the fame will get too much for her because…

“…The singer, who suffered mild brain damage after being starved of oxygen at birth…”

The story writes itself, even if the truth is quite different…


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DECADE REVIEW - Showbiz. Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle at her front door in Blackburn, West Lothian. Picture date: 16 April 2009. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Photo credit should read: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire

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