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Kerry Katona’s Fit For Cocaine Shocker

by | 12th, April 2010

KERRY Katona’s offensive on the tabloid media continues as the woman famous for taking cocaine and winning a reality TV show and selling frozen squirrels… (did we mention the cocaine?) Illustrates the Star’s front-page poser:


This will surely lead to other questions as to what else Kerry Katona might be fit for?

Kerry: Is she fit for purpose?

Kerry: Is she fit to snort cocaine?

Kerry: Is she fit?

Kerry: Can she fit into a glass jar and be pickled for posterity?

Kerry: Is she as fit as butcher’s dog?

Having told the world that she took cocaine, the Star hears that people involved in child welfare are not impressed with Kerry. Well, one person isn’t.

Someone from Family Focus says Katona has shown “appalling neglect”.

But, when she took cocaine in a locked room upstairs, she says her children were downstairs with the nanny.

Says a Dr Adrian Rogers:

“…if this is merely a publicity stunt aimed at rebuilding her flagging career, then she is a worthless individual.”

Well, how much Kerry is worth might be up to Can Associates, her new handlers, who also manages Peter Andre.

For now, the story is that Kerry Katona took cocaine. Once this dies down, Kerry will surely get back to being famous for what she was famous for being before she admitted taking cocaine. And we will return to reading such news as: “Is Kerry on cocaine?”; “Kerry cocaine shocker?” And “Is bi-polar medication the new cocaine?”…


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