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ASBO Man Must Stop Watching Election Coverage And Question Time

by | 12th, April 2010

HERE’S one for the watchers at Biased BBC – Stroud’s Martin Solomon, 64, tells Gloucester Crown Court that he’ll avoid watching the General Election coverage, in particular the BBC’s Question Time panel show.

Mr Solomon has taken to getting drunk and shouting and swearing at the telly. He’s been given an ASBO.

Says Mr Solomon:

“I am sorry, I have nothing against my neighbours at all. I like a drink and to cook and when I get home, sometimes late, I will switch on the TV. When I see Question Time on, sometimes I get angry…

“With the General Election coming up, it’s going to be very difficult – my solicitor told me not to watch the TV.”

Ok, it’s not an order to stow watching Dimbleby and his fellow nodding heads. It’s an order for Mr Solomon to stop drinking and shouting, or else. It’s just that the politicians on the telly get him so angry.

Says the judge:

“It’s a criminal offence, what you do. You have to change your behaviour because it is causing enormous distress to your neighbours. It’s just not right.

“You would hate it if you had someone like you living next to you.”

Unless they had the contrary argument, in which case it could be televised…

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