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No Superbugs From Allah Rules Department Of Health

by | 13th, April 2010

NO Superbugs from Allah rules the Department of Health has announced which decrees that female Muslim staff can cover their arms even though earlier guidance says all staff should be “bare below the elbow“. The long sleeves were linked to the spread of killer superbugs. But the NHS says Muslims can maintain their modesty by wearing long sleeves.

It’s not quite as terrible as the Mail says in aloaded headline:

Muslim nurses CAN cover up… but Christian colleagues can’t wear crucifixes

Muslims who want to wear long sleeves can sport disposable over-sleeves:

Disposable over-sleeves can be worn where gloves are used but strict adherence to washing hands and wrists must be observed before and after use.

And if you want to wear a crucifix you can so long as it’s not a chain about your neck. So, you can wear one pinned to your undergarments or in your pocket or on ring under gloves or on a bracelet pushed up when treating patients. Or on beads. Is there a rule that states a crucifix must be worn about the neck?

The Mail wheels out nurse Shirley Chaplin who is not allowed to wear a crucifix at her work for Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Trust. The Trust said her cross was a “hazard” because it could scratch patients. Mrs Chaplin took the matter to tribunal. She lost her case. Says she:

“I don’t believe my cross is a danger so this is double standards. What can you say? It seems that life is stacked up against Christians these days.”

And Jews who want to wear a Star of David on a necklace. And anyone else who wears something loose, like a tie, say.

Lord Carey, one of seven bishops to sign a letter supporting Mrs Chaplin at her tribunal, said the Government was guilty of ‘double standards’.

‘The NHS, British Airways and all the big companies seem to be tilting in one direction,’ he added. ‘If Muslims are getting these concessions, why not Christians? There should be the same rules for everyone.’

Lord Carey, whose wife Eileen is a former nurse, added: ‘In the case of Shirley Chaplin, she has been wearing her cross for 38 years and it has never injured anyone. So the argument for health and safety is very weak, very tenuous indeed.’

Isn’t prevention better than cure? And are Muslims allowed to wear necklaces with cross pendants on? No. So, how double standards? Carey adds:

‘The Muslim voice is very strong, so politicians and others are scared of it. We can only deduce that the hostility aimed at her is because she is a Christian.’

Says the Mail:

Muslim doctors are allowed to wear hijabs or headscarves.

So Mrs Chaplin can wear a nun’s wimple and a scarf covered in crosses?

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