Anorak News | With Primark’s Peado Bikini You Can Look Years Younger

With Primark’s Peado Bikini You Can Look Years Younger

by | 14th, April 2010

WHO wants a “PAEDO BIKINI”? With the Paedo Bikini you will look so young that paedophiles will swarm around you on the beach like Italian wasps around a juicy pear. Nothing makes you feel young and fancied like a Primark Paedo Bikini! It’s a full bodylift in a halterneck.

And the even better news is that that the Paedo Bikini – ask for it by brand name – is on sale to seven years olds in Primark. Right now seven year olds are shunning sweets and Playstation Games to buy a Paedo Bikini.

As the Sun says on its front page, the paedo bikini gives you a “sexy shape”. The Paedo Bikini sells under the motto “too much at too young an age”.

If you kids didn’t want one before, they do now. The breast shapes make them attractive to “predatory perverts”. No word on what the Sun’s Page 3 Chloe, 22, from Leeds makes of it. But her lack of bra tells you much about her disgust.

Says the Sun:

Primark bosses invite parents to send out girls of seven dressed as sex objects to be leered at by paedophiles

Better the children wear simple swimsuits, school uniforms, tracksuits, pyjamas, bikinis, skirts, trousers, boots, salopettes, coats, gloves and burkas which all leave paedophiles cold and render any child immune from turning on a predatory pervert.

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