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Tilern DeBique: A Case In MySpace Pictures

by | 14th, April 2010

MEET Tilern DeBique. Single mother Tilern DeBique hid from the media as she arrived at the Central London Employment Tribunal, Holborn where she has won her claim of sexual discrimination. When employed as a soldier, DeBrique was disciplined by the Army after missing a parade to look after her daughter. FDait enough. But not fair enough for the Mail which delivers the “Now Watch” headine:

Now she wants £1/2m.

Tsk! The woman wants compensation for being a victim of sex dicrimination. Who would have thunk it? Readers are duly treated to this picture of deBique on a bed. And the words:

Dressed in see-through white mesh top and tight jeans, single mother Tilern DeBique relaxes on a brass bed.

Brassy. In a hat. And a bra. And wearing a watch. Let’s get all the fashion facts.

She posted the picture on MySpace, where she calls herself SexyT and says she ‘plays hard’. She adds: ‘Give me a shout sometime and see how we get on… hope you’re up for a laugh and can manage a good time and the truth cause that’s what you get with me.’

Soldier claims to play hard is news? The hearing continues, but Mail readers may have already reached a conclusion…


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Tilern DeBique, 28, leaves an industrial tribunal in Holborn central London, after winning £17,016 compensation from the Ministry of Defence, this afternoon.

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