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Brown, Cameron And Clegg Form A Heated Triangle

by | 15th, April 2010

THE leaders of the three big parties – Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown – go into the televised debate. The papers trail the event chaired by the unintentionally hilaious Alastair Stewart of Police, Camera, Action fame. Watch out for his frown getting lower as the night wears on and his voice growing more bombastic. The newspapers trail the event on their front pages:

The Indepedent says it’s 90 minutes that “COULD CHANGE BRITIAN”. Of course this is 90 minutes on ITV, so Britain could be changed by adverts for Sky TV and pet insurance.

“Take me to your lectern,” puns the Guardian, which for some reason leads also with a picture of Cherie Blair, presumably to remind readers that whoever wins, at least its not her.

The Telegraph says that “boos and cheers are banned” in the TV debate. As are Mexican waves and chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing”. This is serious stuff. Epic stuff made no less so by breaks for adverts for pet insurance and Sky telly.

This is the Times’s “screen test”. But where will the leaders stand? There are three of them so who gets to go in the middle and look less exteme. Or will they form an equilateral triangle, or given the Lib-Lab pact, an isosceles? Why, David Cameron will take centre stage.

The Mirror imagines what David Cameron will say and leads with a speech bubble emerging from his mouth and the words “GORDON BROWN IS AWESOME”. This is “WHAT DAVE REALLY THINKS”.

Gordon Brown goes into tonight’s historic TV election debate with a ringing endorsement… from David Cameron. It was revealed yesterday that Mr Cameron had described his rival as “awesome” and “a figure of colossal power and intellect”.The gushing comments, made when he was a backbencher, are a huge embarrassment to the Tory leader – who will spend much of tonight’s debate rubbishing Mr Brown’s record.

Is this bad or good for Cameron, who comes across as objective? Also sticking Cameron on the front page only reinforces the notion that he’s going to win. As front-pages go, this is a bad one from the Labour cheering paper.

Of course, the show will only change the course of the elecion if one or more of the leaders does or says something awful. And what chance of that, readers?


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