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Motel Guest Attacks Man With Swinging Snake

by | 16th, April 2010

THE Lake Wylie Pilot reports on South Carolina’s Tony Smith, who did attack a man “deathly afraid” of reptiles with a six-foot long python. Smith is charged with assault and battery.

To the scene of the alleged crime, the Executive Inn motel in Rock Hill. Mr Jeffery Culp, 47, is on the balcony. Mr Culp says he had previously told Mr Smith that he did “not do snakes. I’m deathly afraid of them”.

Smith is racing down the hallway outside the rooms on chairs. Mr Culp ask him to keep the noise down. Later, Culp goes out for a smoke. Smith taps him on the shoulder (the balconies are close) and presents the snake.

Says Culp:

“And he said, ‘here look at this. He had the snake’s head squeezed so its mouth was open. He ran it across my face and it tried to crawl in my mouth.

“I almost had a heart attack. I dropped to my knees and actually crawled back into my room.”

The snake grabbed him on the upper lip.

The case continues…

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