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Laura Main RIP: Abused By Meow Meow And The Tabloids

by | 16th, April 2010

MEOW MEOW has been banned. And rightly so. Nothing keeps the kids off drugs like banning them. Meow Meow is to be a Class B drug, and anyone caught with it “could face a five-year prison sentence”. The Scotsman has the facts, but the Sun has the sensation. Laura Main has died. Or as the Sun puts it:


So. The bright Aberdeen University graduate died from taking mephedrone. Finally we’ve got a clear link between the toxic plant food and a fatality. Says the Mail:

Law student who led ‘Lady Asbo’ double life as escort died after taking meow meow

In the Sun, Laura Main is “law student” first and foremost. Online she is “a pretty law student”.

She was also Eve, an escort for the “elite” Bunnies of London.

And in the party scene she was DJ ASBO. Still, above all she was a law student. And most of all she died from taking meow meow.

A post mortem showed she was two and a half times over the drink drive limit and had taken meow meow along with party drug GHB and Valium.

But it was the meow meow that killed her.

The inquest heard that although meow meow and Valium were found in her blood it was a combination of alcohol and GHB which killed her.

No, it was the booze. Which – thank goodness – is legal. So. Here’s that headline again:

“Escort Girl Dies After Drinking”

Laura Main RIP. Or at least you will find peace once the tabloids have finished using your remains to prove a point…

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