Anorak News | Proof That Volcanic Ash Over Britain Is Deadly – Fears For Susan Boyle

Proof That Volcanic Ash Over Britain Is Deadly – Fears For Susan Boyle

by | 17th, April 2010

VOLCANO DUST IS DEADLY,” says the Daily Express. And it is deadly – so long as you are closer to Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano than Great Britain is. And get load of how close Susan Boyle is to the headline of terror.

Still, the ash is deadly. You are going to die if you breathe it in. And because everyone will be breathing the deadly dust the length and breadth of the UK, you will all die. So, this is goodbye. I’d like to thank Bob Monkhouse, Anthea Turner… But what’s this? Wait a moment!

Christy Feig, a spokesman at panic merchants WHO, says:

“We’ll be recommending people with breathing difficulties stay inside if there is ash settling in their area. It’s people with respiratory problems that will be most affected. But if you haven’t got a history of respiratory difficulties and you are having problems then it’s obviously best to stay inside.”

And Dr Peter Baxter, “a leading expert on the health effects of volcanic ash, from Cambridge University”, says:

“There was only a light dusting of volcanic ash in Scotland that fell mainly overnight. It was also fairly coarse and non-hazardous. So no one in the UK needs to stay inside.”

And then the HPA:

“It is important to stress that the concentration of particles which may reach ground level is likely to be low and should not cause serious harm…. Any such health effects are likely to be short term.”

Although the Daily Express might be right and everyone might already be dead. Time for an inquest…


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Empty check in desks at Dublin Airport as all non-emergency flights were grounded due to ash from Iceland's volcanic eruption.

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