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In Pictures: The Erroneous Trial Of ‘Murderer’ Omari Roberts

by | 19th, April 2010

OMARI Roberts, 23, did not murder 17 year old Tyler Juett, who had broken into his mother’s home Old Basford, Nottingham. Juett was accompanied by a 14-year-old child. Robert fought the two burglars. The younger boy threatens Roberts with a kitchen knife.

Roberts stabs Juett. Juett died from his wounds. Roberts stabbed the other boy in the leg. He lived. The State said Roberts was a killer. A murderer. The State was wrong.

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File photo dated 18/01/10 of Omari Roberts, 23, who stabbed a teenage burglar to death, he is due to appear at Nottingham Crown Court to hear the murder charge against him has been dropped.

In October 2009, the Crown Prosecution Service’s lawyers said Roberts have used “excessive and gratuitous force”.

Jerome Lynch QC and Omari Roberts were outside Nottingham Crown Court where charges against Roberts for the murder of were dropped. The decision to prosecute the trainee builder from Nottingham for murder after he stabbed a teenage burglar to death was “erroneous“, a court has heard. His mother Jacqueline McKenzie-Johnson was there to see justice served.

Says Mr Lynch:

“He’s an ordinary, average down-to-earth person who had just gone home and found himself in the next two seconds involved in this terrible position, whereby he was in a struggle for his life.”

So, why did it ever get to court on the first place?

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