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Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Deniers Say There Is No Ash

by | 19th, April 2010

ICELAND’S Eyjafjallajokull Volcano was caused by global warming and failed to kill Barack Obama. Two facts we know. We also know that Dan Snow is bigger than a volcano. And we also know that no-one died from the deadly ash that very soon the media will begin the next stage of operatioons: the denial.

After the gallery – and get a lod of that fiery ice – Madame Arcati examines the deniers:


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YOU can hear the murmurs already. Where’s the research, the evidence, that Europe had to close down its air space all because of some piffling volcano in Iceland? An Italian on Radio 4’s Today this morning blustered against the “theoretical models” that caused airports and airlines to shut up shop. Told that a Met Office plane had encountered dangerous levels of ash, he said he knew nothing of it. So let’s ignore it?

Any minute now Andrew Neil will be galvanising the idiotic Spectator kids to cast doubt on the existence of the volcanic ash or its destructive effect.

These self-described “contrarians” will also be doubling as the climate change denialists who’ve gone quiet since the scientists at East Anglia University were cleared of misrepresenting research on global temperatures.

It’s curious how the Church of Science has bred a new generation of secular flock uninterested in objective evidence. You can see in motion how religions spark to life.

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