Anorak News | Katie Price, Peter Andre And Truth About Princess’s ‘Bruised Face And Body’: Pictures

Katie Price, Peter Andre And Truth About Princess’s ‘Bruised Face And Body’: Pictures

by | 20th, April 2010

PRINCESS Tiaamii, who along with Junior Peter Andre form one part of the Lucille Ball – Desi Arnez tribute act – who is also daughter to the pop acorn and Katie Price – has a “BRUISED FACE AND BODY”.

Dignified Peter Andre, picks up on the earlier story of Princess TenaLadyMee’s “black eye”, which turns out to be smudged mascara and not an overdose of fake lashes. Only, there is front-page “shock at injured tot”.

Of that smudged mascara, Peter Andre says: “This isn’t true.” So, it was bruise? Chocolate? Touche Eclat?

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No, this is a toddler with a bruise. And make that brusies. As the Star says on its front page, the body and face are brusied. It’s either more than one bruise or a huge swelling.

Deeper into the story, on Page 11 – well away from that front-page screamer – the Star quotes Pete’s new! magazine column:

“Basically, Princess arrived at my house with some bruises on her face and body a couple of weeks ago, and I contacted my lawyers so they could find out from Kate what had happened.”

So it goes:

“The story in the paper said that the bruises were in fact smudged mascara but this isn’t true.”

Thanks for bringing your daughter’s face back into the media, Peter. So, what is the truth?

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“I wasn’t accusing Kate of anything at all but as her father I just wanted to find out if there was anything I should know.”

And is there anything you should know, Pete? The implication seems to be that there is?

“Why the police got involved I have no idea.”

We refer you to the alleged non-mascara marks on Princess TeneLadyMee’s face and the lawyers, experts in the law. And the Celebroity Police Force always enjoying a meet and greet with a famous face, Pete.

“There was absolutely no need for them to come round, and when they did they said everything was fine.

He’s right. A Sussex CPF spokesman:

“We have no concerns for the child’s welfare, and the matter has been closed.”

So, what was on the child’s face. The Star says “Andre shock at injured tot”. Adding: “Mascara? It was bruising on girl says angry Pete.”

Bruising. Angry. Lawyers. Anyone else joining up the worlds to feel something more? Not that there is any more, because Pete says there isn’t.

Pete explains further, although so far his words seem to be creating more of an issue than solving one:

“I just made a polite inquiry about my daughter that got completely out of hand.”

And now the matter arrives in a magazine column for everyone to read…

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